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Water Integrity

WGF Report 6 -Developing capacities for water integrity: Reflective review of approach and impact of training courses


Publisher:UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility

January 2017

The outline of the approach highlights lessons learned relating to the importance of appreciating and understanding the context and getting the right participants, along with the importance of follow-up activities and support to alumni. A major trend is the shift from a focus on individuals towards one of institutional change, focussing increasingly on organizational change processes. The report builds on the authors’ extensive experience in organizing capacity development for water integrity, review of capacity development literature and two surveys; one ...

Information for Accountability

Information for accountability: Transparency and citizen engagement for improved service delivery in education systems


Lindsay Read and Tamar Manuelyan Atinc

Publisher:Global Economy and Development at Brookings


This report seeks to extract insight into the nuanced relationship between information and accountability, drawing upon a vast literature on bottom-up efforts to improve service delivery, increase citizen engagement, and promote transparency, as well as case studies in Australia, Moldova, Pakistan, and the Philippines. In an effort to clarify processes and mechanisms behind information-based reforms in the education sector, this report also categorizes and evaluates recent impact evaluations according to the intensity of interventions and their target change agents—parents, teachers, ...

Florencia G.

Learning to open government: Findings and reflections on how the Open Government Partnership is playing out, in practice, in five countries


Florencia Guerzovich & Michael Moses

Publisher:Global Integrity and Transparency and Accountability Initiative

June 2016

This paper summarizes and synthesizes the findings from five in-depth case studies that explore when and how pro-reform actors have been able to leverage the Open Government Partnership (OGP) — its processes, spaces and resources — to pursue improved government responsiveness and accountability at the country level. It is one of a number of recent efforts to explore the contribution of OGP to more open and effective governance.1 Our research, undertaken by teams of local open government experts in five ...

WB report

Making Politics Work for Development: Harnessing transparency and citizen engagement


Stuti Khemani

Publisher:Development Research Group of the World Bank


Too often, government leaders fail to adopt and implement policies that they know are necessary for sustained economic development. Political constraints can prevent leaders from following sound technical advice, even when leaders have the best of intentions. Making Politics Work for Development: Harnessing Transparency and Citizen Engagement focuses on two forces—citizen engagement and transparency—that hold the key to solving government failures by shaping how political markets function.


Measuring Citizen Experiences: Conducting a Social Audit in Vietnam


Rachel Jackson

Publisher:Innovations for Successful Societies


In late 2009, following three decades of gradual economic and governance reform by Vietnam’s one-party government, three organizations came together to implement a social audit across the country. The Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI)—a joint policy project of the United Nations Development Programme, the Vietnamese nongovernmental organization the Center for Community Support and Development Studies, and the Communist Party–affiliated Vietnam Fatherland Front—aimed to draw information about citizen perspectives into decision making in Vietnam. It also sought to ...

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