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Check My School. A Case Study on Citizens’ Monitoring of the Education Sector in the Philippines


This case study sheds light on the design and implementation features of the first pilot cycle of Check My School (CMS) in public schools across the Philippines. The case study discusses the general political background and operating environment of the CMS project. It also provides a step-by-step analysis of the first CMS project cycle in 2011, examining its accomplishments and challenges, and provides lessons from the first pilot year of the project’s operation. The case study concludes with recommendations for projects that aim to follow the footsteps of CMS.

Topic Guide on Political Economy Analysis


This topic guide provides pointers to some of the key literature on donor approaches to political economy analysis and its effectiveness in different contexts. It includes examples of analyses and tools applied at country, sector and programme level.


The Info-Activism How-to Guide. Strategies and Tools for Digital


This how-to guide from the Tactical Technology Collective provides interesting strategies and practical tips on creating effective digital advocacy campaings. It also features a few examples of info-activism around the world.


People Centred Advocacy


This book provides an overview of successful examples and innovations in the engagement of citizens by Supreme Audit Institutions. It summarizes the deliberations on Effective practices of cooperation between SAIs and citizens to enhance public accountability of the 21st United Nations/International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) Symposium of 2011. Based on an analysis of the responses of INTOSAI members to the questionnaire which formed the technical basis for the 21st Symposium, the book describes innovative practices of communication between SAIs and citizens, as well as cases of citizen participation in government auditing.


Social Accountability: What Does the Evidence Really Say?


This presentation discusses social accountability impacts and the lessons learned that the evidence offers on social accountability approaches. It makes a review of what works in terms of social accountability initiatives and why. It also describes the “next generation” challenges and the next steps for pro-accountability governance and reform.

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