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More accountable and responsive governance: How do technologies help make it happen?

Publisher:Making All Voices Count

Making All Voices Count supports tech-enabled initiatives which amplify citizen voice and nurture government responsiveness, and by building understanding of when and how the technologies help create and support change. In March 2017, some of the programme’s partners met at a learning event to share and analyse their stories of change. They used a framework that describes seven streams of tech-enabled change: the information stream; the feedback stream; the naming-and-shaming stream; the conducive innovation system stream; the connecting citizens stream; ...


How Transparency Affects Distributional Politics: A Field Experiment among Elected Politicians in Malawi

Publisher:AidData at the College of William and Mary and the USAID Global Development Lab

How does transparency affect distributional politics? This paper shows that it conditions officials’ decisions to target political supporters and needy communities with development resources. It presents the results of a unique experiment in which 333 locally elected politicians in Malawi made real decisions about the allocation of NGO-provided development materials to schools in their area. Prior to making these decisions, half of the politicians were randomly assigned to be informed that letters about their allocation decisions would be sent to local development ...


Crowdsourcing citizen feedback on district development in Ghana using interactive voice response surveys

Publisher:Making All Voice Count

This practice paper describes research on crowdsourcing citizen feedback on district development in Ghana. It discusses the use of mobile phone-based interactive voice response surveys, in particular how they can best be used to reach rural women.. It also reflects on the challenges facing a tech provider and a CSO in working together to develop tools for citizen engagement in local government monitoring.


Technology innovation hubs and policy engagement

Publisher:Making All Voice Count

Many technology innovation hubs are developing civic tech solutions to pressing local commercial and social issues. But their full potential to contribute to a more vibrant local policy ecosystem is yet to be achieved. Changes in attitude, strategic outlook and partnership-building are required. This research provides ideas for hubs, policy-makers and donors to consider in order to improve policy engagement and co-creation in the future.


Sanctions, Rewards and Learning
Enforcing democratic accountability in the delivery of health, education, and water, sanitation and hygiene

Publisher:International IDEA

“This Discussion Paper identifies and documents how mechanisms such as sanctions, rewards and learning can improve democratic accountability in service delivery around the world. It focuses on three critical public service sectors: health, education, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). This literature review extends the agenda of International IDEA’s Democracy and Development programme to map out and examine the workings of accountability through democratic means. It analyses the various ways political actors articulate demands, negotiate terms and implement effective service ...

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