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Battling a Cancer: Tackling Corruption in Peru


Blair Cameron

Publisher:Innovations for Successful Societies


From 2000 to 2009, Peru’s justice system successfully prosecuted former president Alberto Fujimori and other high-level public officials for acts of corruption committed during the previous decade. But the country’s judicial institutions struggled to curb newer corruption networks that were operating with impunity throughout the country. Because the networks had penetrated the justice system itself, it was increasingly difficult to prosecute—let alone convict—people who had participated in briberies, kickbacks, or other schemes. In the 2011 presidential election, Ollanta Humala, whose ...


Listening to the Public: A Citizen Scorecard in the Philippines


Maya Gainer

Publisher:Innovations for Sucessful Societies


Citizens of the Philippines were used to receiving poor service in government offices. Activities as basic as obtaining a driver’s license were slow and complex, and the tortuous processes created opportunities for public employees to solicit bribes for faster service. In an effort to improve service delivery, Congress passed the Anti–Red Tape Act in 2007. But, getting civil servants to comply with the act from civil servants presented a big challenge. In 2010, the Civil Service Commission began to conduct ...


Calling Citizens, Improving the State: Pakistan’s Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program


Mohammad Omar Masud

Publisher:Innovations for Successful Societies


In early 2008, Zubair Bhatti, administrative head of the Jhang district in Pakistan’s Punjab province, recognized the need to reduce petty corruption in the local civil service—a problem that plagued not only Punjab but also all of Pakistan. He began to contact citizens on their cell phones to learn about the quality of the service they had received. Those spot checks became the basis for a social audit system that spanned all 36 districts in Punjab by 2014. The provincial ...

GPSA Note 12

GPSA Note: ‘Learning journeys’ for adaptive management – Where does it take us?


Charlotte Ørnemark


February 2016

Learning-by-doing and adaptation happens all the time at the frontline, and as a means of survival. So how can it be reflcted across the sector as a whole – from individual citizen through to international donor through adaptive management?

Social Audits

Social Audits: Speaking up for Home Grown School Feeding


Sue Sadler and Ian Thomson


April 2016

Civic engagement is a powerful mechanism for holding public officials accountable for delivering public services, including state-funded school feeding programmes. As part of the Procurement Governance for Home Grown School Feeding project, SNV piloted Social Audits as a social accountability tools to monitor the performance of school feeding programmes in Ghana, Kenya, and Mali with special emphasis on their links to local food production. The Social Audit tools proposed by SNV were refined locally to assess the results of the ...

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