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Public Finance and Social Accountability for Human Capital – a briefing ahead of the GPSA Global Partners Forum 2018


NEW DATE! October 23, 9:00am EST


About the Webinar

Join a discussion among GPSA Global Partners in preparation of the GPSA Forum 2018 on Money Matters: Public Finance and Social Accountability for Human Capital. The GPSA Secretariat and its Forum Partners – the International Budget Partnership, the Global Initiative on Fiscal Transparency, and the World Bank’s Human Capital Project – will give a snapshot of the Forum’s theme, agenda and goals.

You will have a chance to ask questions, share feedback on the draft GPSA Forum agenda, and help define the envisioned outcomes of the Forum.


About the speakers

For this webinar, we will be accompanied by speakers from the Global Partnership for Social Accountability, Human Capital Project at the World Bank, International Budget Partnership, and Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency.





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October 9, 2018

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Public Finance and Social Accountability for Human Capital – a briefing ahead of the GPSA Global Partners Forum 2018"

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