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Beyond the tools: Participatory power analysis as the missing ingredient in local governance programming

Rebecca Haines

    This blog post was originally published in CARE Insights on August 1st, 2018. LOGIN is a learning and knowledge-sharing network that aims to support the ongoing decentralisation processes of countries in Asia, toward effective and responsive local governments. To date, LOGIN’s membership spans 12 Asian countries and includes elected representatives, training institutions, think tanks, government departments, and local and international NGOs, among others. Participants in the study tour were able to compare and contrast Bangladesh’s ambitious legal framework for citizen …

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    Making Budgets work for Gender Equality in Ethiopia

    Lucia Nass

      Despite strong legal frameworks for gender equality, Ethiopian women still have a lot of catching up to do. They occupy a low status in society and their developmental outcomes are still well below those of men. Ethiopia has started to support Gender Responsive Budging (GRB), but is this creating the desired effect on gender equality? The Ethiopia Social Accountability Program phase 2 (ESAP2) introduced GRB tool in almost a quarter of Ethiopia’s 1000 districts across five public services: education, health, …

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      How to enhance Access to Information and citizen participation, and, at the same time, accomplish sexual and reproductive rights? Lo Público es Nuestro

      Ana Joaquina Ruiz

        “Now that I have information I feel empowered, I see information not as a curiosity but as a right”. Ana Laura Rodríguez Cortés, researcher from Morelos, Mexico. Information-based advocacy is one of the most effective tools to enhance human rights and make governments accountable. At the Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir1 in Mexico, we are aware of such premises and work at a community level in 13 states to increase social accountability in health and reproductive services at primary health …

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        Voting with Freedom: The experience of Verificado 2018 and its role in promoting public deliberation during Mexican elections

        Diego de la Mora Maurer

          On July 1st, 2018, Mexico had the largest election process in history: in one single day, 3,416 elected office posts were voted. Since the presidential transition in 2000, Mexican democracy has achieved a greater maturity stage. As a result of this, the public speech and deliberations during the electoral campaigns have sophisticated. Candidates and their teams now advance diverse complex policy proposals in the public arena. Fortunately, there is an ecosystem of academics, civil society organizations and citizens that could …

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          Social Accountability in the Mexican Mining Sector: A Fight to End Privileges and Impunity

          Beatriz Olivera

            Mexico is the world’s largest producer of silver and is among the top ten producers of gold, copper, lead and zinc. Since the Mexican government signed the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), Canadian mining experienced a boom in the country. There are currently 24,709 mining licenses in Mexico, 65% of them operate with Canadian capital, followed by US capital (13.2%) and Mexican ones with 9.2%. Companies and the government argue that mining is an important source of employment and …

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