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Learning from Context: Participatory Budgeting in Bangladesh

Dil Afrose Duetee

    Since I was young, I have been observing the pain of poor and marginalized people and trying to understand where the problem really was. With time, I understood that the problem is the politics behind each and every economic activities and decisions which only serve the powerful people but not the poor and marginalized people. I also realized that the problem is there but the solution is there as well! This is when I made the commitment to fight for …

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    I, the Citizen

    By Dr. R Balasubramaniam

      For the past many years now, there has been a buzz around the word ‘Citizen engagement’.  Active citizenship is increasingly being seen as a ‘middle-class’ phenomena and activism is assumed to be the role that neo-intellectuals play.  While on one side, we do see young, educated urban citizens beginning to engage on issues that matter to them, there is still a vast majority of the population who consider activism and citizen engagement as risky and stay away from it. While …

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      Engaging citizens in auditing work: the experience of the Superior Audit Office in Mexico

        By Benjamín Fuentes Castro A real public sector accountability framework must embrace mechanisms or processes allowing citizen participation to become a relevant component of government organizations’ management. An essential element for these policies’ consolidation deals with minimizing the information asymmetry gap among organizations’ management and the citizenry. In this regard, the main task for government institutions is to ensure an adequate level of transparency and access to information. These components provide the basis for societal involvement in public agencies’ endeavors. This …

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        Experience of a lonely soldier… The difficult path towards social accountability in the water sector

          By Bakhadur Khabibov “The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” ― Albert Einstein. I am feeling myself like a soldier who never despairs and is always ready for challenges in the arena of social justice. Actually, it is rather a struggle, a long, continuous fight for equity, human wellbeing, social justice and accountability. To this end, I have been working full time for the last 14 years of my life, hardly …

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          What is the Role of Identity in Social Accountability Impact Evaluation?

            By Blair Read As scholars and practitioners of social accountability (SAcc), we are aware that failure to govern accountably is a political problem. Interacting with, and learning from SAcc is inherently political, and local power holders have various political arrangements that extend beyond the design of nominally accountable institutions. While some institutions may be accountable on paper, discrimination against particular societal groups may diminish the accountability mechanisms for some citizens, but not for others. In particular, when studying political institutions, …

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