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Contributing towards Corruption Free and Transparent Service Delivery in ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS)

A documentary on the project ‘‘Contributing towards Corruption Free and Transparent Service Delivery in ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS)’ through Civic Engagement in Jaipur and Tonk Districts of Rajasthan, India’’ and nicknamed as CitizensUp

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When free healthcare is not free. Corruption and mistrust in Sierra Leone’s primary healthcare system immediately prior to the Ebola outbreak

Sierra Leone is one of three countries recently affected by Ebola. In debates surrounding the circumstances that contributed to the initial failure to contain the outbreak, the word ‘trust’ is often used: In December 2014, WHO director Margret Chan used ‘lack of trust in governments’; The Lancet’s editor-in-chief, wrote how Ebola has exposed the ‘… breakdown of trust between communities and their governments.’ This article explores the lack of trust in public healthcare providers in Sierra Leone, predating the Ebola …

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Raising the Score

Produced by: UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication, CARE Malawi and CARE USA’s Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health MHAP, which began in 2012, is locally known as Muuni Wauchembree Wabwino, meaning the light guiding towards better maternal and newborn health. The program implements an innovative approach called the Community Score Card© which brings community members, health providers and government officials together to identify the barriers to accessing and delivering quality maternal health services and to work together to …

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Service characteristics and engagement with citizens

Author: Richard Batley and Joseph Wales Published by: ODI Date: March 2015 This briefing note aims to provide some practical guidance on how different services can offer differing opportunities and challenges for improving service performance through increased accountability and, especially, citizen engagement. Read more

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What is Learning? A Model for Challenging Times

Authors: Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner Published by: Wenger-Trayner Date: January 2015 In this short video, Beverly and Etienne Wenger-Trayner condensed their model of social learning and describes a describes a framework. It succinctly conveys some key ideas about learning and its value and draws on a few examples, including a project financed by the World Bank Institute and GIZ on Learning partnerships in the program for capacity building to strengthen good financial governance in Southern and Eastern Africa. View the …

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How Can I Contribute to the Knowledge Platform

You may contribute to the Knowledge Platform in many different ways: you can send and disseminate your social accountability materials (toolkits, reports, videos, etc.) in the knowledge repository; you can contact, interact and collaborate with other peers and join a global community of social accountability practitioners; you can participate in the different learning and knowledge exchange activities of the GPSA KP such as online courses, thematic forums, webinars and blogs; and you can develop a partnership with the GPSA KP to implement collaborative knowledge activities.

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