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Choosing and engaging with citizen generated data- A guide

The past decades have seen the rise of many citizen-generated data (CGD) projects. A plethora of concepts and initiatives use CGD to achieve many goals, ranging from citizen science, citizen sensing, and environmental monitoring to participatory mapping, community-based monitoring, and community policing. This guide will help organisations understand if CGD is suitable for their proposed project as well as what type of data is appropriate for their needs. Each section of this guide is accompanied by examples if CGD examples. The guide summarizes experiences from extensive research, and draws inspiration from existing toolkits to recommend civic technologies, as well as the many existing toolkits for participatory mapping, citizen sensing, citizen science and other data-related activities.

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Citizen Voice and Action for Government Accountability and Improved Services: Maternal, Newborn, Infant and Child Health Services

The ‘Citizen Voice and Action for Government Accountability and Improved Services: Maternal,Newborn, Infant and Child Health Services’ project was funded through the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) program. The overall aim of the project was to improve maternal, newborn, child health, and nutrition (MNCHN) services, and specifically to achieve “Improved quantity and quality of Midwives and District Health Office’s Services for MNCHN” in the three districts. The project used World Vision’s ‘Citizen Voice and Action’ (CVA) approach. …

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Scaling Social Accountability: Evidence from Africa, Asia and the Caucasus

This publication is intended to share World Vision’s evidence of the impact of social accountability after 12 years investment in research and application across 48 countries, including 15 designated as fragile contexts/states. The evidence is drawn from studies undertaken by Oxford and Columbia Universities and more than a dozen independent mixed method evaluations across more than 10 countries.

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Guía de Aplicación de Gobernabilidad Corporativa para Las Empresas Urbanas de Água Potable y Saneamiento en América Latina

Español: Esta Guía usa el marco conceptual y los resultados de dos estudios efectuados por expertos del Banco Mundial, publicados en los años 2011 y 2013, que han revelado que cuando las empresas de Agua y Saneamiento (AP&S) aplican principios y mecanismos de transparencia y de gobernabilidad corporativa, no solo dan muestra de una clara voluntad ética y promueven un mejor comportamiento de su personal, directores y gerentes, sino que además generan mejores indicadores en calidad, cobertura, productividad laboral y …

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With Publication Comes Responsibility: Using open data for accountability in Benin and Tanzania – A discussion paper

This paper combines primary research from Benin and Tanzania with secondary research on the use of open data for accountability to explore what happens at country-level once it is published: who is interested in using it, how and what for? If the data is not being used, what are the obstacles and how can they be overcome? The first part makes a contribution to a new framework around using data for accountability in partner countries. It recommends firstly that country-level …

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How Can I Contribute to the Knowledge Platform

You may contribute to the Knowledge Platform in many different ways: you can send and disseminate your social accountability materials (toolkits, reports, videos, etc.) in the knowledge repository; you can contact, interact and collaborate with other peers and join a global community of social accountability practitioners; you can participate in the different learning and knowledge exchange activities of the GPSA KP such as online courses, thematic forums, webinars and blogs; and you can develop a partnership with the GPSA KP to implement collaborative knowledge activities.

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