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GPSA Global Partners Forum 2018 Resources and Takeaways

  The fifth edition of the Global Partners Forum of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability took place from October 30 to November 1st 2018 in Washington. This year, the GPSA Global Partners Network, which includes practitioners and thought leaders across civil society, governments, academia and business, alongside World Bank staff, seeked to better understand how countries’ public finances can be more effectively used to invest in improving people’s wellbeing and productivity , and how citizens and Civil Society organizations …

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GPSA Global Partners Forum 2018

    October 30 – November 1 World Bank Group | Washington, DC   Welcome to the fifth edition of the Global Partners Forum of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability! Money matters in the public sector, with emphasis on human capital, is the theme of the 2018 GPSA Global Partners Forum. This year the Global Partners Forum seeks to better understand how countries’ public finances can be more effectively used to invest in improving people’s wellbeing and productivity , and how citizens and Civil Society organizations can …

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Enhancing return on social investment

India has a rich history of corporate spending on the social sector as a part of social responsibility. The 2013 Companies Act formalised and mandated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spends based on specific criteria. Enough has been written since then about CSR activities in various sectors. One of the emerging areas of discussion is the need for organisations to focus on assessment and measurement – what is their CSR strategy/programme accomplishing and, how can it be measured? The goal of …

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Thirty-seven percent of active OGP countries have obstructed or repressed civic space

This is according to the CIVICUS Monitor, an online tool to track and compare civic freedoms on a global scale. In practical terms, this means that although respect for civic space is – on the whole – better within the OGP than it is globally, people’s rights to protest, organise and speak out are currently being significantly violated in 25 of the 68 active Open Government Partnership (OGP) countries. (A paper briefly outlining these findings is attached.)   CIVICUS will …

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Hacia una mayor rendición de cuentas en el sector agua en México

English version En el 2014, cuando empezamos a buscar información sobre un programa gubernamental relacionado con el tratamiento de aguas residuales, decidimos revisar los informes de las auditorías de inversiones físicas que realiza la Auditoría Superior de la Federación (ASF). Lo que descubrimos fue sorprendente: esperábamos enfrentar textos muy complejos y en realidad encontramos que, a pesar de su lenguaje técnico, su lectura no resulta más difícil que la información presupuestal. También nos dimos cuenta de que estos documentos pueden ser …

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How Can I Contribute to the Knowledge Platform

You may contribute to the Knowledge Platform in many different ways: you can send and disseminate your social accountability materials (toolkits, reports, videos, etc.) in the knowledge repository; you can contact, interact and collaborate with other peers and join a global community of social accountability practitioners; you can participate in the different learning and knowledge exchange activities of the GPSA KP such as online courses, thematic forums, webinars and blogs; and you can develop a partnership with the GPSA KP to implement collaborative knowledge activities.

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