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GPSA Webinar Beyond Theories of Change: Working Politically for Transparency and Accountability

July 23, 10:00 am EST

About the Webinar
In order to sharpen the understanding and the role of CSOs in promoting change across varied and complex environments, organizations must (and many do) embed political thinking and politically-informed strategies in their Theories of Change (ToCs). In this webinar, Brendan Halloran will draw on emerging insights and concrete experiences from researchers, funders and CSOs working on transparency and accountability issues to frame a discussion about the importance of thinking and working politically when implementing ToCs. He will also discuss how organizations are seeking to work politically, and the implications that this shift entails for the T/A sector in terms of funding, ToCs,learning and practice.

Webinar-BrendanHalloranAbout the Presenter
Brendan Halloran (@Halloran_B) is Program Officer at the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, leading on Impact and Learning.  This aims to support T/A practitioners, funders and researchers to increase and use their learning about where, when and how T/A initiatives succeed (and don’t), to create new ways of working together, and to increase their impact.

Brendan coordinates TALEARN, a community of practice involving individuals from these different groups, all working on T/A work from all around the world , who want to come together to engage and learn from each other. It’s a safe space to ask tough questions and explore ways forward together.

He also leads T/AI’s involvement in brokering and supporting new research and other learning efforts around transparency and accountability issues.

Prior to joining T/AI, Brendan spent five years in Guatemala working on and researching governance issues, most recently as a Democracy and Governance Advisor for USAID focusing on analysis, strategic planning and program design.  He earned his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in Planning, Governance and Globalization.  His research examined the socio-political dynamics of local development in a low-income urban community in Guatemala City.  Brendan is interested in politics, governance and development, and blogs on these issues at

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February 13, 2020

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