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ICTs and their potential for engaging citizens in social accountability projects

April 22, 2015, 10:00 am EDT

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About the Webinar

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have emerged as powerful tools for engaging citizens in the decision making process and in the monitoring of government performance and services. Stories throughout the globe on how ICTs helped in improving accountability, democratic representation, and public services’ access and quality exemplify their potential and limitations.

Presented by Fundar in dialogue with SIMLab, this GPSA Webinar will explore how and under which conditions technological platforms, mobile technologies and low cost ICTs can become tools for engaging citizens and demanding greater accountability from the government. The webinar will showcase various practical experiences from regions such as Africa or Latin America.


About the Speakers

FedeFederico Ramírez
Coordinator of the Technological Innovation for Advocacy Unit, Fundar Centre for Analisis and Research

He leads the Technological Innovation for Advocacy Unit at Fundar, a Mexican CSO aiming to advance substantive democracy. Federico has developed several technological platforms for advocacy groups (such as the GPSA Knowledge Platform). He has played an active role in the creation of local and international open data related initiatives such as OpenDataMx and the Global Open Data Initiative. He studied Physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He previously collaborated with the Mexican Science and Technological National Council in APEC’s Science and Technology Working Group. He worked in the Mexican National Council for Arts and Culture, where he developed the Cultural Information System, as well as various portals and publications on art policies’ statistics.

Anna Levy
Governance Project Director, Social Impact Lab (SIMLab)

Anna is the Governance Project Director at Social Impact Lab (SIMLab), a DC- and Nairobi-based non-profit focused on inclusive technologies in various social sectors. The governance project operates at the intersection of low-end technologies and civic dialogue, civil society advocacy, city service delivery, transparency and accountability in international organizations and public agencies, and data ethics. Prior to joining SIMLab, Anna held research and editorial positions on the politics of public sector reform and multilateral coordination in countries in transition, at Princeton and New York Universities. In 2012, she co-managed a study examining donor adherence to transparency and accountability protocols in foreign aid programs in Colombia, Sri Lanka, and Liberia for Transparency International. Since 2008, she has consulted on social enterprise and municipal government strategy as well as human rights due diligence in multinational supply chains. Anna began her career working on youth civic engagement and financial inclusion in 2006 in Washington, DC. She has lived and worked in Jordan, the Philippines, and Nicaragua and holds a Master’s from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs where she focused on human rights in economic and political transitions as well as oral history and historical memory in these contexts.

April 14, 2015

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ICTs and their potential for engaging citizens in social accountability projects"

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