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Building capacity for constructive engagement between civil society and the government

May 22, 10:00 am EST

About the Webinar
Social accountability strategies try to improve public sector performance by bolstering both citizen engagement and government responsiveness, but what does it take for civil society and government duty bearers to engage constructively on issues of accountability? In this webinar, Robin Griggs talks about ActionAid’s Reflection – Action approach to building capacity for constructive engagement between civil society and government authorities and the need to frame accountability strategies within a broader governance framework that deepens democracy. There is both a need to develop conceptual clarity and practical skills around key issues such as: Human Rights and democratic governance, people’s empowerment, the exercise of power and voice, and finally accountability and economic literacy. The talk will briefly touch on these broader issues and then focus in more detail on accountability and evidence gathering approaches.

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Robin Griggs
About the Presenter
Robin Griggs has worked for ActionAid-Denmark since 2006 and played a leading role in developing ActionAid International’s approach to governance. Prior to this, he worked for many years for DANIDA (Danish Development Assistance) and from 2000 to 2006 he worked in Nepal supporting decentralization, local government and civil society. He has a varied academic background with a BSc in Sociology, A Post Graduate Teachers Qualification, A MSc in Training and Human Resource Management and a Certificate in Peace and Reconciliation Studies.

Due to technical issues, we are unable to provide the recording for this webinar. However, Robin Griggs’ presentation, as well as his answers to participants’ questions, are available in the following document.
You may also take a look at Using Evidence to Establish Accountability, one of ActionAid-Denmark’s publication.

May 14, 2014

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Building capacity for constructive engagement between civil society and the government"

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