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To leave no one behind: Integrating SDG Anti-corruption Targets in all other SDGs

Wednesday December 6, 2017, 10:00 am EST

About the Webinar

Corruption presents a real threat in the achievement of SDG targets. There are SDG targets which focus on corruption and good governance couched in Goal 16. Despite their co-relation and impact on other SDG targets, they are measured in isolation, an inherent difficulty in measuring the progress of SDGs at a global level. Whilst such measurements are important and provide an overall milestone in progress, it is paramount that specific challenges to each SDG goal and targets are not ignored, so that no one is left behind as SDGs really meant to be. To this end, the risks that corruption bring in achieving each SDG target should be identified and counter measures be designed based on local realities. Based on work undertaken by Transparency International and its local offices, this session will explore how SDG anti-corruption targets could be integrated into all SDGs, their challenges and the specific role CSOs can play.


About our guest speakers

ChiomaChioma B. Kanu is a Fellow of West African Academy for Public Health. She works with the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) as a Program Manager SDGs, with over ten years experience engaging policy makers and lawmakers on MDGs/SDGs. She possesses prerequisite skill set to enhance the capacity of non-state actors towards understanding and engaging the SDGs. She also has vast experience providing technical assistance through research and policy analysis to legislators on policy formulation in developing social developmental laws and policies. She also has international outlook having been a panelist at different United Nations events on SDGs and other related matters. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is a board member to six (6) organizations, four of which are non-governmental organizations.

RukshanaRukshana Nanayakkara is the  Advocacy Manager for Sustainable Development Goals at Transparency International Secretariat in  Berlin. His work focuses on effective  implementation and monitoring of  SDG anti-corruption and governance targets globally, regionally and nationally with TI Chapters around the  world and other partners. He  has been  working  on anti-corruption and human rights  issues over the last 18 years. Rukshana is a lawyer by profession  and a Fulbright scholar.



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