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    What are the core factors that enable communities to take action and create new environments for improvement?
    We have analyzed 2 empirical studies implemented in Bolivia and Brazil in the past 6 months and projects in India, looking at the values created in such projects of CBWM (Community Based Waste Management). From fiduciary values to social aspects like cohesion, collaboration, generosity, incentive of peer action, such decentralized, short term (5 weeks), low budget, low tech have had huge impact. Decrease of waste generation by 30%, 60% of deviation of waste flow from land filling, direct and indirect job creations…
    Elements around incentives are well analyzed like a bonus in a local supermarket promoting the project for participation low-income families.
    See video enclosed.
    We have as well started to developed a model of community empowerment called the “wheel of community” based on market analysis and potential for the whole chain of recyclables, from collection to treatment, recycling, reusing and reducing.

    We are now looking at similar empirical examples to modify and compare our model, either in the same field of community Waste Management or any other decentralized, short term (5 weeks), low budget, low tech process that may have had similar results and approached.

    Thanks for your comments and sharings!

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    Please check the following video of the project of CBWM implemented in Bolivia in september 2014:

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    Great work! Very impressive effort to engage a local community to help themselves.

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