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    Recently our organization (Development Policy Institute, Kyrgyzstan) has developed a tool to measure level of accountability and transparency of local self-government. Kyrgyzstan is mostly rural country that’s why we pay a lot of attention to accountability at local level because most of our population live in rural areas. The main problem in regards of accountability in our country that laws do not work at local level. Even having perfect legislation it is not possible to reach goal without proper execution of these laws.
    We are glad to share our findings with you and receive your feedback.

    So what is Transparency Passport?
    Transparency passport (hereinafter – Passport) is an instrument for measuring level of local self-government’s commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability and countering corruption. Passport is a set of indicators, while their availability or lack allows identifying the level of transparency, accountability and countering corruption. The set of indicators forms sort of a checklist, by filling it out an external observer or local self-government itself may determine status of local self-government in terms of these principles.

    Transparency passport is a kind of ‘guide’ on legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, which reflects up-to-date requirements for compliance with the principles of transparency, accountability, governance and countering corruption. Passport also serves as a tool for assessment and methodic guideline for local self-governments in practical application of these principles.
    At the same time, transparency passport is not a tool for assessing LSG’s compliance with all legal requirements of transparency, accountability and countering corruption. The legislation on local self-government is extremely extensive, including more than 200 regulations, so evaluating performance of local self-government for compliance with all terms of the legislation is inappropriate in common sense.
    Therefore, it is important to understand that transparency passport evaluates the level of LSG’s commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability and countering corruption, while the laws and regulations acknowledge that these principles are followed in the government system in the Kyrgyz Republic as a whole.

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    I cannot attach the file. Please email me if you would like to have it. My email [email protected]

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