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    Aceron Joy posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hello to everyone here on GPSA Knowledge Platform! Been awhile. I am excited to be back and share with you a big milestone.

    My organizations, Government Watch (G-Watch) and Accountability Research Center (ARC), have just published a book on vertically-integrated civil society monitoring and advocacy. Entitled “Going Vertical: Citizen-Led Reform Campaigns in the Philippines,” this book is a result of action-research collaboration between G-Watch and ARC on multi-level citizen action for accountability. This book investigates how one strategic approach to citizen accountability – vertical integration – enabled seven reform initiatives in the Philippines to gain meaningful results. My co-authors include ARC Director, Prof. Jonathan Fox and campaigners and researchers in the Philippines, namely: Francis Isaac, Danny Carranza, Benedict Nisperos, Marlon Cornelio, Fed Marcelo, Rhia Muhi and Romeo Saliga.

    Check this link for detail and to download the book: https://www.g-watch.org/resources/vertical-integration-research/going-vertical-citizen-led-reform-campaigns-philippines-2nd

    For more information about the book, you may contact me at [email protected] or ARC at [email protected]. Comments welcome!