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    In the past three years Social Risk has been responsible for the removal of more political and business leaders than the past 50 years combined. The Arab Spring, Ukraine, Brazil, ongoing unrest in Venezuela, panama papers and Odebrecht corruption scandal exemplify social risk and its impact. Most importantly, current risk indexes and assessments methodologies do not account for social risk, can’t measure it, or mitigate its impacts.

    Social risk is the result of unresolved economic, ethnic, and political grievances compounded by 21st century communications technologies. Its frequency and magnitude are increasing and manifest daily through protests strikes, litigation, and violence. It accentuates many traditional risk areas (e.g.
    Governance, crime and violence, narco-traffic, economic and political, rule of law, and environment) and directly impacts operational and investment decisions

    Population-centric Methodology:
    ENODO’s methodology explains how people understand their reality and organize socially,
    why they support or resist movements, and how and why their identities transform over time.
    It examines complex social dynamics through a single variable—identity. Identity is the key
    to unlocking beliefs, values, interests, and behaviors. See more are http://www.enodoglobal.com