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Methodological Note: How to Learn about How We Do Social Accountability in Context?

Florencia Guerzovich and Paula Chies Schommer

Publisher: Grupo de Pesquisa Politeia - Coprodução do Bem Público: Accountability e Gestão


Social accountability and open government work often borrow ideas, plans and methodologies from others. Many other times local initiatives are innovative, but disconnected from other experiences and debates that could be relevant to amplify their results. The literature on social accountability, anticorruption and related fields shows that while cross-context insights can help inform local work, adaptation and combination, a mix of these is critical towards achieving results. There is no pre-made plan that has impacts across contexts. It is relevant to learn the practices in each process to improve social accountability and open government results, both locally and globally. Documentation helps to delve into and share insights, doubts and knowledge on the field.

This Concept Note presents a methodological approach to help practitioners document their experimentation (and the reasons underlying changes), reflect on, and use their learning processes to advance their work. It provides a route to look into strategic social accountability and its tactical implications, linking macro plans of action to meso-decisions that stakeholders in the frontline of social accountability make on a more regular basis to put those broad plans of action to work on the ground. Maps largely draw on tacit knowledge and favor their integration with other forms of knowledge.

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