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Responsive and Multi-Pronged Strategies


Series: Are We Ready for Strategic Social Accountability?
Authors: Florencia Guerzovich and Maria Poli
Published by: The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA)
Date: August 2014

This is the third note in a six-part series discussing whether the social accountability field is already primed with the knowledge and capabilities to design, implement, fund, and learn from strategic interventions. Because generating social accountability involves many actors and must overcome many
evolving barriers, strategies must be responsive and multi-pronged. This note briefly analyzes whether
and how GPSA applicants proposed such strategies by analyzing data from the first two rounds of GPSA

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Series: Are We Ready for Strategic Social Accountability?
Note 1: Creating Space for Social Accountability: the Global Partnership for Social Accountability
Note 2: Strategies that harness the context to generate social accountability
Note 3: Responsive and Multi-Pronged Strategies
Note 4: Picking Partners and Allies that Bolster Your Social Accountability Efforts
Note 5: Adaptive Learning
Note 6: What Next for Strategic Social Accountability?

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