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Situation Analysis on Social Accountability in the Health Sector DFID/Nepal Health Sector Programme III (NHSP3)

Russell Pepe and Kapil Ghimire

Publisher: Pact


The Pact-led Social Accountability in the Health Sector (SAHS) programme helps the U.K. Agency for International Development (DFID) support the Ministry of Health (MOH) to more effectively promote social accountability (SA) within the health sector in Nepal. SAHS collaborates closely with MOH and other health sector stakeholders to promote learning and good SA practices from within and outside the health sector and to facilitate greater stakeholder coherence and coordination. SAHS also offers a platform to critically examine SA practices, extract valuable lessons, and explore how to adapt existing policy guidance to increase SA effectiveness. The timing of this project is crucial: as local governments take on greater responsibilities for both health service delivery and accountability at the local level, ensuring that SA is not lost in the complexities of devolution and that communities are able to voice their concerns while local governments are positioned to listen and respond will be crucial.

This situation analysis primarily aims to identify, document, and begin to profile the various actors and their practices and mechanisms related to SA in Nepal’s health sector. Secondarily, this report examines the relative impact (where data exists) and coherence of current initiatives, examined indepth by additional analysis over the life of SAHS.

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