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[Spanish] Evaluación Formativa Proyecto Prácticas de Buen Gobierno en República Dominicana (Proyecto Vigilantes)

Florencia Guerzovich

Publisher: GPSA


Fundación Intermón Oxfam, a non-governmental organization focusing on poverty and human rights, received a GPSA grant to strengthen the transparency and accountability of government services in the Dominican Republic. The grant intended to help CSOs and citizens participate in the national budget process, and in the budgets and services of water, sanitation, education, and agriculture. This grant supported three components aiming to: 1) establish a macro-level “observatory” permitting CSOs and citizens to analyze, monitor, and provide feedback on the national budget and service delivery, integrating citizens into a feedback cycle; 2) establish thematic “observatories” in education, agriculture, and water and sanitation, and support SA tools and activities offering citizens more voice and impact; and 3) build capacity of CSOs and social movements to analyze public information, and to in turn capture and disseminate lessons with broader stakeholders in the Dominican Republic.

In 2015, the Vigilantes Project requested a formative evaluation that allowed identifying strategic learning and adjustments made during the first phase of project implementation, so that they could be considered in the future to make adjustments to the project’s strategy. This evaluation is part of the commitments made by the Vigilantes Project with the GPSA. Its primary audience is both the GPSA and the partner organizations of the Vigilantes Project.

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