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Advocacy Action Guide: A ToolKit for Strategic Policy Advocacy Campaigns

Changing public health policy is one of the most effective ways to improve public health on a population-wide scale. Moving a public health issue onto the policy agenda and through the policy making process requires a well-planned strategic advocacy campaign. The components of an advocacy campaign are the same regardless of the advocacy goals. This guide is designed to help civil society organizations plan and conduct effective advocacy campaigns that will result in the adoption and implementation of strong effective …

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Impact case studies from middle income and developing countries: New Technologies

Authors: Archon Fung, Hollie Russon Gilman and Jennifer Shkabatur Published by: Transparency and Accountability Initiative Date: 2010 This case study looks at the information and communication technologies that are being used in Brazil, Chile, India, Kenya, and Slovakia. It especially analyses the tools, how they are being used and how their strategic use is helping to include a wider society in transparency and accountability work. The diverse initiatives examined range from attempts to increase accountability in local government to facilitating …

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Budget Monitoring and Policy Influence

Author: Paolo de Renzio and Warren Krafchik Published by: Overseas Development Institute(ODI) Date: 2007 This brief from the ODI summarises the findings of a study, led by the International Budget Project and the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, which attempted to bring together evidence from case studies of organisations in Brazil, Croatia, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Uganda that have been engaged in budget work. This study focused mostly on a set of intermediate outcomes in …

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Raising The Stakes: The Impact of HakiElimu’s Advocacy Work on Education Policy and Budget in Tanzania

Tanzania has invested heavily in ensuring that all children have access to education. This case study describes how the Civil society group HakiElimu stepped in to take the political commitment beyond enrollment and graduation targets to meaningful policy decisions that lead to higher quality schooling. This case study examines the issues, campaign, and impact.

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The Info-Activism How-to Guide. Strategies and Tools for Digital

This how-to guide from the Tactical Technology Collective provides interesting strategies and practical tips on creating effective digital advocacy campaings. It also features a few examples of info-activism around the world.

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