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Civic Activism Toolkit

Published by: Building Change Trust The Civic Activism Toolkit was launched by the Building Change Trust. The toolkit supports the sector to advocate for a more open, participatory and accountable model of governance. It contains three main sections: 1) Top Tips: collected wisdom from experienced local practitioners on what works and what doesn’t, 2) Some Local Insipration: four case studies of innovative civic activism initiatives in Northern Ireland, 3) Tools Directory: a compilation of 29 tools and approaches from around …

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Effective Public Policies and Active Citizenship: Brazil’s Experience of Building a Food and Nutrition Security System

Authors: Marília Mendonça Leão, Renato S. Maluf Published by: Oxfam International Date: February, 2014 Since it was launched in 2003, Brazil’s Fome Zero (Zero Hunger) strategy has allowed 28 million people to break free from the cycle of hunger. These impressive figures suggest that public policy can have a significant impact in the fight against hunger. This report looks at some of the conditions contributing to the success of the strategy, including political will combined with a plan that is …

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Participatory Budgeting: Citizen Participation for Better Public Policies

Author: Janet Oropeza Published by: Fundar, Centro de Análisis e Investigación, and Evidence and Lessons from Latin America Date: 2011 Latin American countries pioneered participatory budgeting – an innovation to let citizens decide how public funds will be spent. First launched in Brazil in 1989, PB is now implemented in more than 2,500 local governments in 15 countries in the region. This brief analyses participatory budgeting experiences in Latin America and the factors underpinning success. Read more

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Social Accountability E-Guide

Published by: World Bank This World Bank’s Guide is an online resource offering a step-by-step approach to integrating social accountability mechanisms into investment lending projects. This Guide helps to a) scope potential entry points for introducing SA tools and approaches to address governance issues and challenges in projects; b) diagnose the context in which SA will be implemented; c) develop options for selecting and sequencing SA tools that can help improve transparency, accountability, and participation; and b) monitor and evaluate …

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Budget Accountability and Participation

Author: Becky Carter Published by: GSDRC Date: 2013 This brief makes a review of existing litterature on budget accountability and participation. It describes how some factors, such as transparent budgets and budget processes, the engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in budget accountability activities, and the promotion by international organizations of budget transparency, accountability and participation, can lead to improved budget accountability. It also seeks to analyse the link between improved budget accountability and more efficient, effective and equitable budgets. …

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How Can I Contribute to the Knowledge Platform

You may contribute to the Knowledge Platform in many different ways: you can send and disseminate your social accountability materials (toolkits, reports, videos, etc.) in the knowledge repository; you can contact, interact and collaborate with other peers and join a global community of social accountability practitioners; you can participate in the different learning and knowledge exchange activities of the GPSA KP such as online courses, thematic forums, webinars and blogs; and you can develop a partnership with the GPSA KP to implement collaborative knowledge activities.

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