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Delhi Social Audit
A Chief Minister’s Initiative

Published by: The Public Affairs Foundation Date: June 2014 This report reviews the results of two Social Audits that the Public Affairs Foundation (PAF) conducted on the Delhi State Government’s demand. The first one provided a good diagnosis of the critical problems affecting public services in New Delhi, allowing policymakers to pinpoint specific areas were delivery was falling short, such as drinking water, food and civil Supplies, education, health care, among others. The second one helped measure the advances and …

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Social Accountability Sourcebook: Strengthening the Demand Side of Governance and Service Delivery

Developed by: the Social Development Department of the World Bank This Sourcebook is an interactive resource that captures diverse experiences and tools on social accountability from around the world. In particular, it shows how citizens can make their voice heard and effectively engage in making the public sector more responsive and accountable. Read more

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Using Evidence to Establish Accountability

Authors: Anna Schnell, Erika Coetzee Published by: ActionAid – Denmark (PRIA) This toolkit provides an analytical framework for understanding accountability relationships between the state and its citizens. It focuses on how NGOs and CSOs can hold state institutions, service providers and duty bearers to account, using an evidence-based approach and incorporating a range of social accountability tools and methods. The focus of the Sourcebook is on the state, especially at the local government level, and its role as a service …

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Institutionalisation of Social Accountability in Urban Governance

Author: Dr. Kaustuv Kanti Bandyopadhyay, Bhavita Vaishnava Published by: Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) Date: 2013 This brief shows how social accountability mechanisms strengthen urban governance reforms. It makes an assessment of an initiative implemented by PRIA in Bangladesh and Cambodia from 2011 to 2013 called Deepening Local Democratic Governance through Social Accountability in Asia. This initiative implemented social accountability tools, such as citizen report cards, pro-active information disclosure, citizen charters and public grievance redressal systems, among other things. This …

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Citizen Participation in Evaluating Health Services: The Latin American Experience

Throughout Latin America, civil society groups are using report cards as a tool to gather citizen feedback on the quality and coverage of public services. This Brief focuses on the use of report cards to assess health services, in particular. Through these report card exercises, civil society has been able to highlight problems citizens face in accessing quality health care, such as lack of medical supplies or personnel, or long waiting times to see a physician. By then bringing these findings before public health agencies and the media, citizens have succeeded in achieving concrete improvements in both health care access and quality.

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How Can I Contribute to the Knowledge Platform

You may contribute to the Knowledge Platform in many different ways: you can send and disseminate your social accountability materials (toolkits, reports, videos, etc.) in the knowledge repository; you can contact, interact and collaborate with other peers and join a global community of social accountability practitioners; you can participate in the different learning and knowledge exchange activities of the GPSA KP such as online courses, thematic forums, webinars and blogs; and you can develop a partnership with the GPSA KP to implement collaborative knowledge activities.

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