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The Role of Social Accountability in Improving Health Outcomes: Overview and Analysis of Selected International NGO Experiences to Advance the Field

Author: Dr. Kamden Hoffmann Published by: CORE Group Date: June 2014 This paper reviews Models involving International NGOs that used a social accountability approach in various sectors and at different levels including community, district, and national level. It presents these approaches focusing on the processes undertaken to increase accountability and improve health outcomes. The common themes, challenges, and recommendations presented here aim to expand and bring this approach to scale in the context of health and development. Read more

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Incidencia de la rendición de cuentas en la gobernanza y la gestión del agua – Un análisis regional de cuatro casos de estudio en América Latina

Published by: the United Nations Development Program, Development Policies Department Date: 2013 This analysis aims to contribute to a better understanding of accountability issues in the water and sanitation sector, by assessing four Latin American case studies. It identifies recommendations for public policies, as well as strategies to increase governments’ efficiency for service delivery, and to promote community participation and monitoring. Read more

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Enhancing Community Centred Governance in Climate Change Affected Coastal Areas

Authors: Prarthana Rao, Raghavan Suresh, Pavan Srinath and Jangal Jayaram Published by: Public Affairs Centre Date: 2012 This paper summarises the first experiences of Public Affairs Centre (PAC) in designing and implementing Climate Change Score Cards (CCSC) in Southern India. This project aims to connect the dots between climate change, livelihoods and deprivation, and the regulatory framework that governs communities in southern India along the Gulf of Mannar. So far, the use of CCSC has created “District Platforms”, dialogue platforms …

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How-to Notes – Rapid Feedback: The role of Community Scorecards in Improving Service Delivery

Authors: David Post, Sanjay Agarwal, and Varsha Venugopal Published by: World Bank’s Social Development Department This toolkit was prepared by the World Bank’s Social Development Department to provide guidance on ways to improve governance and accountability in Bank-supported operations. It focuses in particular on the implementation of Community Score Cards (CSC). After reviewing the different attributes and benefits of CSCs, as well as the contextual elements that enable their implementation, the toolkit provides the reader with a step-by-step implementation handbook …

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Citizen Participation in Evaluating Health Services: The Latin American Experience

Throughout Latin America, civil society groups are using report cards as a tool to gather citizen feedback on the quality and coverage of public services. This Brief focuses on the use of report cards to assess health services, in particular. Through these report card exercises, civil society has been able to highlight problems citizens face in accessing quality health care, such as lack of medical supplies or personnel, or long waiting times to see a physician. By then bringing these findings before public health agencies and the media, citizens have succeeded in achieving concrete improvements in both health care access and quality.

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