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Raising the Score

Produced by: UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication, CARE Malawi and CARE USA’s Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health MHAP, which began in 2012, is locally known as Muuni Wauchembree Wabwino, meaning the light guiding towards better maternal and newborn health. The program implements an innovative approach called the Community Score Card© which brings community members, health providers and government officials together to identify the barriers to accessing and delivering quality maternal health services and to work together to …

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The Role of Social Accountability in Improving Health Outcomes: Overview and Analysis of Selected International NGO Experiences to Advance the Field

Author: Dr. Kamden Hoffmann Published by: CORE Group Date: June 2014 This paper reviews Models involving International NGOs that used a social accountability approach in various sectors and at different levels including community, district, and national level. It presents these approaches focusing on the processes undertaken to increase accountability and improve health outcomes. The common themes, challenges, and recommendations presented here aim to expand and bring this approach to scale in the context of health and development. Read more

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Social Accountability Sourcebook: Strengthening the Demand Side of Governance and Service Delivery

Developed by: the Social Development Department of the World Bank This Sourcebook is an interactive resource that captures diverse experiences and tools on social accountability from around the world. In particular, it shows how citizens can make their voice heard and effectively engage in making the public sector more responsive and accountable. Read more

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