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The Role of Social Accountability in Improving Health Outcomes: Overview and Analysis of Selected International NGO Experiences to Advance the Field

Author: Dr. Kamden Hoffmann Published by: CORE Group Date: June 2014 This paper reviews Models involving International NGOs that used a social accountability approach in various sectors and at different levels including community, district, and national level. It presents these approaches focusing on the processes undertaken to increase accountability and improve health outcomes. The common themes, challenges, and recommendations presented here aim to expand and bring this approach to scale in the context of health and development. Read more

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Picking Partners and Allies that Bolster your Social Accountability Efforts

Series: Are We Ready for Strategic Social Accountability? Authors: Florencia Guerzovich and Maria Poli Published by: The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) Date: August 2014 This is the fourth note in a six-part series discussing whether the social accountability field is already primed with the knowledge and capabilities to design, implement, fund, and learn from strategic interventions. Where implementing change relies on action being taken by many diverse actors, coalitions and partnerships are crucial to achieving impact. This note …

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Bridging The Context Gap Through Comparative Research

Authors: Florencia Guerzovich and Steven Rosenzweig Published by: Transparency and Accountability Initiative Date: August 2014 This Think Piece incorporates insights from the TALEARN community of practice involving donors, practitioners and researchers in the T/A sector and reflects on the importance of context for Transparency and Accountability (T/A) interventions. It argues that while we know that context does matter, there is a need for comparative research about how and why T/A approaches were successful or not under different conditions, looking at …

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Context Matters: A Causal Chain Approach to Unpacking Social Accountability Interventions

Author: Anuradha Joshi Published by: the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Institute of Development Studies Date: 2013 This research paper explores the macro and micro contextual factors that surround social accountability interventions. It describes why, on the macro side, accountability processes need to take into account larger histories of citizen state engagement and related political processes. At the micro level, the paper showz that local factors can clearly drive the way certain social accountability interventions unfold and …

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Topic Guide on Political Economy Analysis

This topic guide provides pointers to some of the key literature on donor approaches to political economy analysis and its effectiveness in different contexts. It includes examples of analyses and tools applied at country, sector and programme level.

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