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Sanctions, Rewards and Learning
Enforcing democratic accountability in the delivery of health, education, and water, sanitation and hygiene

“This Discussion Paper identifies and documents how mechanisms such as sanctions, rewards and learning can improve democratic accountability in service delivery around the world. It focuses on three critical public service sectors: health, education, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). This literature review extends the agenda of International IDEA’s Democracy and Development programme to map out and examine the workings of accountability through democratic means. It analyses the various ways political actors articulate demands, negotiate terms and implement effective service …

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When free healthcare is not free. Corruption and mistrust in Sierra Leone’s primary healthcare system immediately prior to the Ebola outbreak

Sierra Leone is one of three countries recently affected by Ebola. In debates surrounding the circumstances that contributed to the initial failure to contain the outbreak, the word ‘trust’ is often used: In December 2014, WHO director Margret Chan used ‘lack of trust in governments’; The Lancet’s editor-in-chief, wrote how Ebola has exposed the ‘… breakdown of trust between communities and their governments.’ This article explores the lack of trust in public healthcare providers in Sierra Leone, predating the Ebola …

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Incidencia de la rendición de cuentas en la gobernanza y la gestión del agua – Un análisis regional de cuatro casos de estudio en América Latina

Published by: the United Nations Development Program, Development Policies Department Date: 2013 This analysis aims to contribute to a better understanding of accountability issues in the water and sanitation sector, by assessing four Latin American case studies. It identifies recommendations for public policies, as well as strategies to increase governments’ efficiency for service delivery, and to promote community participation and monitoring. Read more

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The technical is political
Understanding the political implications of sector characteristics for the delivery of sanitation services

Authors: Nathaniel Mason, Richard Batley and Daniel Harris Published by: The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the University of Birmingham Date: 2014 This brief examines the politics and governance of sanitation through a technical, ‘sector characteristics’ lens. Drawing on the findings from a consultation with sanitation specialists and recent literature, it explores how such an approach can help understand and respond to some of the persistent problems undermining the achievement of universal access to sanitation. This brief refers to a …

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Unbalanced progress: What political dynamics mean for education access and quality

Authors: Susan Nicolai, Leni Wild, Joseph Wales, Sébastien Hine and Jakob Engel Published by: The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Date: 2014 This working paper briefly reviews trends on education access and quality. It highlights key work on the politics of education service delivery, focusing on four central dynamics that influence education outcomes: the degree of political prioritisation of reforms, the visibility and political returns of reforms, the access and lack of access to information about schooling and the patterns of …

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