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Learning Cases on Social Audits and School Feeding

Published by: SNV Date: 2015 Turning Challenges into Change: How Social Audits are Improving School Feeding in Sissala East By Alimata Abu and Wilhelmina Quaye With an estimated market size of USD 640,000 annually, the school feeding programme in Ghana’s Sissala East District represents a reliable market for local smallholder farmers. However, SNV’s baseline study revealed that traders, caterers, and farmer organisations in the district lacked information about the food procurement and proposal process, district coordination meetings, and crop requirements. …

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Delhi Social AuditA Chief Minister’s Initiative

Published by: The Public Affairs Foundation Date: June 2014 This report reviews the results of two Social Audits that the Public Affairs Foundation (PAF) conducted on the Delhi State Government’s demand. The first one provided a good diagnosis of the critical problems affecting public services in New Delhi, allowing policymakers to pinpoint specific areas were delivery was falling short, such as drinking water, food and civil Supplies, education, health care, among others. The second one helped measure the advances and …

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Social Accountability Sourcebook: Strengthening the Demand Side of Governance and Service Delivery

Developed by: the Social Development Department of the World Bank This Sourcebook is an interactive resource that captures diverse experiences and tools on social accountability from around the world. In particular, it shows how citizens can make their voice heard and effectively engage in making the public sector more responsive and accountable. Read more

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Control and Accountability in Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean: Key Topics and Areas for Further Improvement

Authors: Lucy Bassett and Gaston Blanco Published by: World Bank Date: 2011 This brief presents some of the key oversight and accountability topics and trends in CCT programmes in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. The main aim of the publication is to provide CCT practitioners with concrete examples of tools and good practices from a variety of countries in the region, so they can strengthen the accountability systems of their programmes. It highlights key factors to be considered …

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Strategic Dilemmas in changing contexts: G-Watch’s experience in the Philippine Education Sector

Authors: Florencia Guerzovich and Steven Rosenzweig Published by: Transparency and Accountability Initiative Date: 2013 By using the case of Textbook Count from the Philippines, a programme that used civil society groups to monitor the timeliness and quality of textbook deliveries throughout the country, this brief reflects on the strategies social accountability initiatives can develop and why, as well as on the links between state and non-state actors that can enhance accountability. This opinion piece would be useful for practitioners implementing …

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Citizen Voice and Action in Uganda. Civic Demand for Better Health and Education Services

This publication describes the experience of World Vision in implementing its social accountability approach in the education and health sector in Uganda. Its approach has resulted in statistically significant reductions in student and teacher absenteeism, improvements in student test scores and enrolment, and improvements in the relationship between citizens and health staff.

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