The management of the Knowledge Platform passes to the GPSA

The management of the Knowledge Platform passes to the GPSA

Dear GPSA Knowledge Platform friends,

After more than four years, and thanks to our 4,500 members, who actively and regularly contribute to its activities, materials, reflections, and news and events, the GPSA Knowledge Platform has become a very dynamic knowledge exchange and networking platform. Together with all of you, we have organized and participated in 42 webinars, 11 expert e-forums and one e-learning course, and we have published 38 blog posts and many other social accountability stories from around the world.

As many of you know, from Fundar, Centro de Análisis e Investigación, we have been managing the GPSA Knowledge Platform since November 2013, with a project grant from the GPSA. In close collaboration with the GPSA Secretariat, we have designed and managed the KP during these years, in which we aimed to continuously adapt and improve the platform based on our lessons learned and members’ feedback.

Today, we believe it is time for the Knowledge Platform to pass on to another manager and take a new path. Starting September 1st, Fundar and the GPSA initiated a management transition process. The Knowledge Platform will continue offering its activities and contents as usual, but this time directly in the hands of the GPSA Secretariat team.

Fundar and the GPSA Secretariat agree that the past five years of collaboration have been very enriching for both parties. Our longstanding partnership remains, and we will keep working together on the Knowledge Platform to strengthen social accountability. To formalize this continued collaboration, Fundar will join the GPSA KP Advisory Group.

In Fundar, we could not be more grateful to all the members, participants, speakers, guest moderators and guest bloggers, who have shared their work, projects, stories and lessons learned or who have provided valuable feedback on our activities. We are convinced that the KP and all its activities will continue to enrich SAcc projects and the work that members are implementing in their – often complex– contexts and that are critical for improving social justice, equality, and the fulfilment of human rights.

We hope to see, meet and listen to you again soon in the GPSA Knowledge Platform, as well as in future activities and events to keep sharing knowledge and collaborating on social accountability. Please keep in touch!

Best regards,


Haydeé Pérez

Executive Director of Fundar, Centro de Análisis e Investigación


And the GPSA Knowledge Platform management team in Fundar.


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