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How can demand driven & bottom up social accountability tools improve health services? The experience of rural Mozambique

June 28, 2017, 10:00-11:30 am EDT



About the Webinar

In a country like Mozambique people face numerous barriers when accessing the health services that they need. This is especially evident in rural setting and affects particularly the most vulnerable, women, children, elderly, people with HIV and other chronical diseases. All too often deficiencies in health service delivery are not caused by the lack of financial resources, but are rooted in poor management of public resources, corruption etc. To address these challenges, Concern Universal is using social accountability mechanisms driven by citizens, and operating from the bottom-up. At the same time,  Concern Universal is also focusing on citizen’s responsibility as health service users.

This webinar explores how Concern Universal (part of United Purpose) has managed to find the intersections in incentives and goals between government and rural communities while helping overcome some crucial gaps in health service delivery. It focuses on lessons learned through application of collaborative government/citizen’s approach.


About the speakers


Domingos Vidal is Governance Officer in Concern Universal Mozambique since 2012 and coordinates SAKSAN Project, funded by GPSA, since 2014. He has extensive experience in the implementation of social accountability initiatives and in how to link them to service delivery in areas such as water and sanitation, health, nutrition etc. Domingos has a Degree in Public Administration and History of Political Institutions, is a trainer and a Teacher in the course of Public and Municipal Administration and Human Resources Management in the Public Sector in Mozambique.


Aalyly Elias Lála is consultant with a profound knowledge of the Mozambican legal framework related to Municipalisation and Public Administration and has been a speaker and moderator in international, regional and national social accountability seminars (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States and Mexico). Aly has an academic and professional background in Law and has an extensive experience in Public Finance Management processes.



Deborah Capela OliveiraDeborah Capela Oliveira is Research Officer in Concern Universal Mozambique since 2013. She has broad research experience in community development and social accountability domain and is experienced in the design and testing of Theories of Change and Value for Money of development and governance projects. Deborah was team leader in charge of evaluation of WASH and governance program implemented in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi and has participated in various national and regional seminars on social accountability and governance. Deborah has a degree in Social Sciences, a master in African Studies and a diploma in Public Social Accountability Monitoring.


Interested in learning more about this inspiring experience before the webinar? Watch these two videos and


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