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Howto help the Minority Community of a country to integrate into the mainstream?

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    A nation is the composition of all the people residing in it.The development and peace of the nation depend upon the close working of the people, each having owned space to play an own role.In all those countries where people have been integrated into the mainstream, there is peace and development; but there are many countries where a group of people particularly minorities(religious or linguistic)have been marginalized, as a result in these countries there is a lack of peace and development.And if there is development then there is a gap in living standard of the groups of the people.
    Marginalizing the minority is against the very basic concept of democratic government which argues for engagement of the citizen/people in the development process.
    My question is related to this problem of democratic and citizen engagement.How we bring the marginalised or minority group(small in numbers as compare to other groups) in the mainstream of the nation so, they could also play an important role in the development of the country and bring peace and security.

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    Specific to India, I would recommend that you collaborate with the education initiative spearheaded by the Tata Trust and Khan Academy to provide education to “anyone anywhere” in India. The objective is that through education and access to knowledge, a path to enhanced livelihood will be created among the marginalized.
    Additionally, the Indian government has mandated that 2% of all corporate profits should be applied to Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives. These CSR initiatives could be opportunities to engage the marginalized population, get their feedback as to their thoughts and desire as to how government could assist in the improvement of families and communities then put into effect the resulting actionable results.

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