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    I was not able to participate in the January 18th webinar, but I was hoping to generate in this forum, feedback from those who were able to attend. Before going further, does anyone have a link, if it was recorded, that I can view it after-the-fact?

    To explain why is it important to me? Allow me to point you to a music video by Flocabulary, which was played on opening day at Davos World Economic Forum. It explains the Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs. It breaks down in 2 minutes in a way even children can understand…. I rate it as ‘BEST YET’ Produced by the Educational Outreach Section, UN PI – additional footage from UN TV. Check it out on the UN website – < >

    I have been fortunate to have been able to work abroad for almost 25 years during my career. I am a retired UNHCR staff member, and am continuing my life-long efforts to be a humanitarian and bring about peaceful outcomes around the globe.

    I’m preparing to tell my story on this GPSA platform, which I have found to be populated by like-minded people from around the world.

    My current work is aimed at creating a Community of Practice (CoP), aimed at bringing new players to the table to speed up the pace of achieving successful outcomes against the SDGs over the next decade. I have attached below a UN document that provides articles that highlight to focus your responses about the ‘…lackof public trust by citizens and significant gaps between expectations held by citizens on the responsibilities of their governments and actual governmental actions’.

    I have been fortunate to have participating in another WBG platform (C4D), and completed a number of MOOCs, over the last few years which have given me invaluable support for this effort.

    Concluding, I would love for learn from your observations about “LEARNING HOW TO TELL YOUR STORY”. Thank you

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