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The role of citizens in strenghening local governance for better quality service

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    Balla Fall

    The functionality of the surgery bloc is an activity from the CVA action plan process. “Advocacy for the assignment or recruitment of an anesthesia and resuscitation technician and a general surgeon”.

    A long process of social accountability from USAID GoLD program in Senegal has led to this great success.

    • – First of all, spaces for dialogue were created: The Commune management committee and the group of citizen for advocacy. These spaces integrated children, women as well as people with disability for mainstreaming, developing together.
    • – After building community capacities in citizen voice and action and public policies in different sectors, their roles and responsibilities in managing infrastructures were much clearer.
    • – The group has organized meetings to monitor standards of water facilities, and also health and education infrastructures (standards are defined by the central government for each sector).
    • – They also organized foci groups’ discussions (women, men, children and management committees in each infrastructure) to evaluate performance measures in the sectors’ quality of service (expel: management committee functionality or qualification and professionalism of service providers etc.). Women of child bearing age did a dead diagnosis of their own situation.
    • – Organize interface meetings inviting local government representatives, service providers and service users in order to elaborate together CVA action plans. The local government was very much touched about the results restituted.

    Now the first 5 beneficiairies of the block have given testimonies of quality of service. This approach is called citizen voice and action.

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