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Does collaboration with civil society strengthen accountability institutions? An exploration

Authors: Carolina Cornejo and Marcos Mendiburu Published by: the GPSA Date: May 2015 How citizens interact and collaborate with accountability institutions has been the subject of much careful review in recent years. This note highlights key points from the discussion. But first, perhaps we should clarify what we mean by “accountability institutions.” Accountability Institutions (AIs) include anti-corruption bodies, supreme audit institutions (SAIs), ombudsman institutions (OIs) and human rights commissions. This note will focus on OIs and SAIs which may differ …

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Experiencias de accountability horizontal y social en América Latina

Authors: Andrés Hernández Quiñones and Elizabeth Arciniegas Muñoz Published by: Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD), Fundación Carolina and Universidad de los Andes, Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre Desarrollo (Cider), Centro de Estudios Socioculturales e Internacionales (Ceso) Date: Abril 2011 Este trabajo presenta al lector un estudio comparativo de la trayectoria del accountability horizontal y social en cuatro ciudades de América Latina: Bogotá, Caracas, México DF y São Paulo. En este estudio se analiza, por un lado, …

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How could Civil Society collaborate with Public Oversight Institutions to advance Social Accountability?

By Gilbert Sendugwa  During the GPSA grantees workshop, held in Washington in May 2014, participants brainstormed about how collaborating with public oversight agencies such as Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and Ombudsman’s Offices can complement the social accountability efforts led by CSOs within their respective GPSA projects. There was consensus about the need for further exploration of this topic given that most civil society organizations had had limited or no collaboration with public oversight agencies to advance accountability. Concerning the interaction with …

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Advocacy by the Office of the Ombudsman: Enabling Water Reforms Based on Citizens’ Feedback in Peru

This case study analyses how Peru National Ombudsman (Defensoría del Pueblo ) amplified the voice of the community by establishing mechanisms for receiving and responding to citizens’ complaints about water delivery. These citizen feedback mechanisms allowed the Ombudsman to use these imputs to improve national public policy and regulations, and raise awareness of important aspects of service delivery.

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