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Facilitating pause & reflect


Pausing and reflecting on a regular basis helps us to identify what’s working and what needs adapting and it allows us to consider the impact of changes in the operating environment or context. This toolkit from USAID provides some approaches for facilitating pause and reflection.


Public Affairs Index 2018 – Governance in the States of India – Children of India


Public Affairs Index (PAI) is a data driven platform to rank the 30 States of India from the lens of governance. While it is a complex task to rank the Indian states which are economically, culturally and socially so diverse, Public Affairs Centre (PAC) has developed PAI as a unique statistical tool to evaluate the performance of governance in the States. PAI is largely based on secondary data and has been extracted from Union Government Ministries and Departments. PAI 2016 ...


“Voice of the voiceless” Learning from SORADI’s project to strengthen accountability in Hargeisa

Publisher:Social Development Direct and SORADI

This paper provides a successful example of addressing both supply- and demand-side issues to improve local governance in Hargeisa, Somalia. It highlights how, when done in tandem, building coalitions and strengthening capacity within government institutions can achieve results which can improve state-citizen relations and government responsiveness, as well as empower citizens. Citizens’ ability to seek accountability from Hargeisa Local Council is highly constrained, SORADI’s evidence-based, coalition-building model provides some clues as to what an effective approach might look like. Drawing ...


Mythbusting confidentiality in public contracting

Publisher:The Open Contracting Partnership

Transparency and openness around this spending can help improve the competitiveness, integrity and efficiency of the contracting process. Concern about confidentiality of information in the contracts obscures vital details from the public, challenges better decision-making and monitoring of the procurement process and public spending. The Open Contracting Partnership talked to over 70 experts from more than 20 countries and found surprisingly little evidence that supports keeping contracting information secret. This handy guide and report will help you with arguments and ...


Beyond watchdog journalism: Media and Social Accountability – Research Report

Publisher:Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM)

The following report is an exploratory case study analysis of social accountability monitoring of the Eastern Cape Department of Education by the Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) and mainstream media in the Eastern Cape. It provides in-depth analysis of the education programme’s work within PSAM and a study of newspaper coverage of education in the Eastern Cape. The argument made herein, is that for either civil society or the media to be effective in holding duty bearers to account, and ...

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